Urgent Notice to Creditors

UPDATED:     10.19 PM     28/04/2017

Exclusive Story – Ty Koers and Peter Stacey with Daniel Oakes

LINK: Click here to read the story online

What does Phoenixing look like?

See below for the actions a company may turn towards in order to deprive individuals, tradies and companies of earnings.

Anyone or any business that sees such behaviour must report it to the ATO Phoenix division.  https://www.ato.gov.au/phoenix


and this too….

Make the booking for the end…

Cancel it!

Get Lisa Baker setup, the new SFOPPS Pty Ltd Director.

Job done.

Back charge your IT provider when your account is in arrears…

Since Imagebuild Group never pay on time we implemented a “no pay, no play” policy.

If the account isn’t paid on the due date a 48 hour disconnection notice is issued then everything is off.

Rather than paying the bill, Imagebuild thought it was a good idea to NOT pay … then let us disconnect them … and then BACK CHARGE us for disconnecting them from a service they haven’t paid for!


BELOW: An attempt to back charge for unpaid services

TyKo Invoice

Did  you get back charged?
Reach out to us help@tyko.com.au – we’d love to hear from you.

We are yet to see the debt collectors.

We were promised on the invoice and via phone that they were “professional” and highly proficient in calculating numbers divisible by 10 ($10,000 per day)

Peter and I both replied.

BELOW: Ty’s Reply….

BELOW: Peter’s response


Do you remember? This day in 2016……

The Riverine Herald – 

A MELBOURNE-BASED company has been fined $5000 for illegally removing trees from an Echuca property.

Image Assets Pty Ltd, which is owned and operated by 33-year-old Brett Spits, pleaded guilty in Echuca Magistrates Court yesterday to failing to comply with planning permits.

Campaspe Shire prosecutor Stuart Stevens said nine trees were removed from a vacant Wharparilla Dr property in December last year.

Two of the trees had planning permits for their removal issued in 2014 but the other seven were illegally chopped down.

On December 17, shire officers ordered Spits to stop the works, but an inspection four days later revealed works were still being carried out on the trees.

The court heard Spits had settled the property in early December and he was planning on using the land to build a holiday home.

Before appearing yesterday, Spits had paid $17,000 in tree credits to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) in relation to the matter. The company faced a maximum $185,000 fine for the offence but riverineherald.com.au magistrate David Faram instead chose to fine it $5000 and convict it.

‘‘I do see your failure to heed warnings as an aggravating feature in this matter,’’ he said.

‘‘This shouldn’t have happened. As we’ve heard, I could impose a major fine here. But I have taken into account the company has no prior convictions and you have gone to VCAT and made a significant contribution.’’

SOURCE:  http://www.pressreader.com/australia/the-riverine-herald/20160427/281599534687594

Just Tweeted! Some helpful tips from the ATO


Phoenix activity is the fraudulent act of transferring the assets of an indebted company into a new company to avoid paying creditors, tax or employee entitlements. The new company, usually operated by the same director, continues the business under a new structure to avoid their responsibilities to their creditors.

Show and Shine time!

What better way to insult unsecured creditors by not paying them and lashing out on expensive toys.

Communication is key….

Working for ImageBuild is like being at a hairdresser who doesn’t know what you want…. you have no idea how much they are going to clip off!

At least you know that Brett is always available to lend business advice mid-project.

We knew this would be big, but the amount of people who called us today about being ripped off by SFOPPS and IBG and going viral on Facebook was incredible.

(Click the graph below to enlarge)

Hits (visitors) per minute (yes, per minute…) hitting our web server today.

We peaked at nearly 1,000 PEOPLE PER MINUTE  viewing the site today.
We have had around 12,000 UNIQUE VISITORS … more info up tomorrow.

Who are we?

We are known as the Cidec Group of Companies, a progressive and innovative IT and Electrical Group.

CIDECElectrical Contractors


TyKo Managed Services – IT Service Providers


We are the former IT Management Provider for SFOPPS and ImageBuild Group. Our electrical division completed the Treviso development on Nicholson Street, before terminating our contractual agreement under Security of Payments 2002 legislation.

Earlier works include The Wallace, 35 Dryburgh Street West Melbourne, defect free.

Collectively we are owed over $436,403.68

Statement of Account

ABOVE: PDF of monies owed to date. Toys over contractors.

How does this impact my business?

If you are an unsecured creditor or are currently working for Imagebuild Group at the Bond Quarter project we urge you to read the material posted on this site to protect your business from being destroyed.

So who am I dealing with?

You may have dealt with a company, named SFOPPS Pty Ltd. This entity is currently being investigated by ASIC, the ATO and Police.

SFOPPS Pty Ltd, director Theresa Spits (mother of Imagebuild Group Director Brett Spits), was used by Imagebuild Group to avoid paying creditors. This company was placed into voluntary administration just prior to Christmas leaving millions of dollars unpaid to trades.

How can they get away with this?

SFOPPS Pty Ltd, namely former director Theresa Spits, is being investigated as she appointed a “fake” director – Lisa Baker – prior to the company being placed into the hands of external administrators.

This highly illegal conduct resulted in their solicitors, Ainslie Harding & Wood, being raided by the ATO.


OK, so you haven’t been paid – isn’t this website a bit drastic?

We have afforded Imagebuild Group plenty of opportunities to pay us for our services. They have signed off on all work we have completed and we have worked for the group since they started trading.

They have left us with a Fibre Optic internet service at their old office, 22 Swanston Street PRESTON, refusing to pay the relocation costs after they fled from the office after winding up SFOPPS Pty Ltd as the last minute.

They have left our electrical business without a single payment towards their entire job at Nicholson Street. Over $300K worth of work.

We are one of many small businesses, collectively owed approximately $8M dollars amongst the entities forming part of the group.

So… how do you operate?

Our electrical arm of the business has completed all work for Imagebuild Group on time and defect free. We did their last project “The Wallace” and all works are certified, defect free and we continue to assist the Owners Corporation with any queries or maintenance issues they have in an industry leading timely fashion.

So… where is my money?

Brett and Theresa are spending your money.

I’m sorry to say. But like everything on this site, sad but true. 🙁

Brett Spits, director of Imagebuild Group, has just purchased a Lamborghini, is building a multi-million dollar house in Lower Plenty, yet refuses to pay hard working trades that are pivotal to the success of his business.


ABOVE: Brett’s new Lamborghini…. thanks to all the generous creditors out there…. even registered to Imagebuild Group!

ABOVE: Showing off the toys.



ABOVE: Brand new Jayco Caravan

ABOVE: One of two purchased….

$4M dollar house in Lower Plenty.
Google Map link: 23 Woodful Road, Lower Plenty.

Theresa has just sold her luxury apartment in South Yarra (1205/47 Claremont Street, South Yarra) and her home 55 Blackmans Avenue, Mill Park.

Nearly $2M of creditors money that we are worried is going to be washed and never be paid to the trades who have worked SO hard and for SO long on their projects.

There are so many more assets, we will be listing them here to reinforce how bad the situation is at Imagebuild Group and how little respect Brett and Theresa Spits have for your business.

Are you going to the media?

We are completing a story with the media, so if you would like to come forward and share your dealing with Imagebuild Group, particular promises for payment from Theresa Spits – mentions of the “Priority Spreadsheet”, “Delayed Funds” etc…. these are all tactics to delay payment- they have been paid in full for projects completed – they have simply spent your money on luxury homes and toys.

Know more? Please email us: help@tyko.com.au

We will be posting more information on here as to the liquidation of SFOPPS and how you can assist us as an unsecured creditor.

Our legal obligations

We have been court ordered to provide all of the electronic books from our cloud hosting portal to Robson Cotter Insolvency Group who are working as liquidators to recover money for creditors, however we are told the books are inaccurate and incomplete.

Due to the nature of the liquidation we will be proceeding to chase the directors personally and clawing back any assets they may have, with an objective to ensure all creditors are paid.


Ainslie Harding & Wood with Corie Gale

Who is Corie Gale?


As an unsecured creditor you may have had deals with Corie Gale.

Corie works with Ainslie Harding & Wood (AHW) (former solicitors for Imagebuild Group and SFOPPS) to avoid paying creditors.

A creditor was kind enough to share the Executive Summary prepared by Corie Gale that was circulated to creditors to starve off legal action, again … just to buy time.

 The “Executive Summary” letter prepared by Corie Gale


Executive Summary

ABOVE: Has anyone been given the Executive Summary from Corie? Its a very poorly written document in an attempt to persuade you from going legal.

Telephone threats made to our office

Corie made threats to our office, via telephone, which we have posted below.

Corie threatening our Director, Peter Stacey (click the link below)

 Listen Now      Corie Threatening Peter


Corie threatening our Operations Manager, Ty Koers (click the link below)

 Listen Now     Corie Threatening Ty


Email threat made to our office (from Corie Gale too)


Further to the calls above we had numerous emails from Corie Gale.

We are IT specialists, Microsoft and Citrix partners, so tracking down the source of an email is really simple for our highly skilled staff.

Read the “anonymous email” from Corie Gale.

Mr Gale is nearly illiterate, so it made it easy to track down the email as he makes the same spelling mistakes in all his correspondence.

Executive Summary



Have you had the same experience? Email us: help@tyko.com.au

We will be posting more information here in the coming days.
If you’d like to talk with us, 03 8594 1500. We’d love to hear from you.


AHW Solicitors, can’t contact them?
They have been raided by the ATO and shutdown


AHW have been raided by the ATO, with all ImageBuild Group files and documents being seized from their office for forensic examination by insolvency experts Pitcher Partners.


ABOVE: Solicitors, AHW, acting for Imagebuild Group and SFOPPS, being raided by the Australian Taxation Office.  Click here for the full ABC Story.


ImageBuild Group and their bad behaviour…

Bulling, threats and intimidation…
all talk, no action.

We have some truly great clients, from one of the largest national supermarket chains, Australia’s largest phone network retail shops, Melbourne’s oldest furniture retail group, right through to boutique accountancy and financial firms.


When we talk to our other clients about the conduct of Director Brett Spits and former SFOPPS (In Liquidation) Director, Theresa Spits, the hours of wasted time dealing with their now removed corrupt legal team, AHW Solicitors, they shake their heads.

In return, our clients have offered us free accountancy and financial advice, right through to accessing the most relentless insolvency and corruption experts in Australia.

We feel so great about being able to help fellow creditors with providing one of the best teams in Australia to assist us collecting our monies owed and saving our businesses.

When we are in the right we fight as hard as we can.

By letting these people take our money and live a worry free extravagant lifestyle simply makes a mockery of our laws and freedoms here in Australia.

What does the future hold for ImageBuild Group?

We reasonably believe:

ImageBuild Group Pty Ltd  – trading whilst insolvent and have been for a period in excess of 12 months.

Evidence of this:

  • IBG failing to pay their bills as they fall due
  • Using their former solicitors (pre-ATO RAID) AHW to negotiate payment plans with creditors that are unreasonably long for small amounts considering the companies (IBG) turnover
  • Inability to pay SFOPPS Pty Ltd for services rendered, instead preparing a questionable VCAT hearing between the two entities to negate the monies owed in a very dishonest and unscrupulous tactic to defraud creditors.

Further to the above:

The appointment of External Administrators for SFOPPS has been conducted illegally as the director, Lisa Baker, does not exist.

You cannot appoint a fictitious individual as a company director.

Theresa Spits should be facing criminal charges for her conduct appointing a director that she knew didn’t exist or have any association with the entity.

Veda Credit Report

Let’s check out their VEDA Credit Report

Veda is the largest credit reference agency in Australia and New Zealand. It provides credit reporting and credit scoring services.

LINK:   View ImageBuild Group’s complete VEDA Report here.

The higher your VedaScore, the less likely it is an adverse event will be recorded on your file and the less of a risk you will appear to lenders. The lower your credit score the riskier you will appear as a borrower.

  • Below average to average (0-509). It’s more likely an adverse event will be recorded on your file in the next 12 months. You are in the bottom 20% of Veda’s credit-active population.
  • Average (510-621). This score suggests that it’s likely that you will incur an adverse event in the next 12 months. Your score places you in the bottom 21-40% of the credit-active population.
  • Good (622-725). Adverse events are less likely to be recorded for the next 12 months. You fall in the mid-range (41-60%) of Veda’s credit-active population.
  • Very good (726-832). Unfavourable events are unlikely to be recorded onto your credit file within the next 12 months. Your score places you in the second-highest percentile range of the credit-active population (61-80%)
  • Excellent (833-1200). Adverse events are highly unlikely to happen within the next 12 months when compared to the average Australian. The odds of no adverse events occurring on your credit file in the next 12 months are five times better than the population average and you are in the top percentile range (81-100%).

Where is our payment? …. late AGAIN!

The Excuses for Late Payment

So, you contact Office Manager – Theresa Spits.

At this stage, rumour has it that Imagebuild Group don’t have enough funds to cover the outgoings, so you will get an email back from Theresa based upon one of the following templates that we have collected from creditors.

Excuse 1: Shortfall of funds, due to no fault of our own

Dear xxxx,

We sincerely apologise for delay in payment of our account, we are currently experiencing a shortage of funds due to no fault of ours.
We are expecting funds on the next 2 weeks at this time a payment will be made to you.
Your patience and cooperation is always greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards



Office Manager

WE THINK:  We have had confirmation from a source within Imagebuild Group that all projects (completed) have been paid in full – Brett and Theresa have simply spent the money and can’t pay.

Excuse 2: You are on my priority spreadsheet

Dear xxxx,

We sincerely apologise for delay in payment of our account, you are on my priority spreadsheet for payment xx/xx/xx
We are expecting funds on the next 2 weeks at this time a payment will be made to you.
Your patience and cooperation is always greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards


Office Manager

WE THINK:  Sounds nice but never happens.